This is where we showcase some of our products. Our range of customers varies between startups, SME (Small and Medium Enterprises), and even big firms like AIG Vietnam or FPT Telecom.


We are active on many channels. You can find our works here.


Our Motion Graphic production process includes 8 consecutive steps. These steps are designed to keep our workflow optimal and to ensure best understanding between us and our clients, which ultimately leads to a satisfactory product and a satisfied customer.

1. Idea & Concept

We start by crafting an interesting idea that can help us tell your stories more effectively.

2. Script

A detailed script is formed based on chosen ideas. This will also be the narration script.

3. Storyboarding

Organized illustration for the purpose of pre-visualizing the sequence of events in the video.

4. Styleframe

Determining how the characters and everything else will look like in the final product.

5. Voiceover

A voice actor with the suitable tone and mood is selected to tell your story.

6. Animation

Everything comes together in harmony, and lifelike motions are added to inanimated objects.

7. SFX & Music

The final, and also essential touch to the video, as it should direct how viewers feel.

8. Finish

Your product is complete and we are eager to hear your feedbacks.

Contact Us

If you have a story to tell, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to resolve your problem and provide you the best solution for it. Our contact information are as below.

Phone: 096 664 40 69